New Challenges For Us All

A rainbow signifies beauty and hope, and importantly, that brighter days are coming.  We’ve truly been touched by the stories behind nominations for our weekly rainbow giveaway. We mention more about our weekly rainbow giveaway below.

As Scotland considers how to ease itself out of full lockdown, it feels like a good time to reflect.  We reflect on the last few months for us personally and also as a business. And to think of the future and what it may look like.

Doug and I have been together for almost 40 years – we may not always think the same or agree with each other, but we know instinctively how the other is feeling and how to support them. And at no time has this meant so much as it has in the last few months. We are thankful for the health we have and the support of our caring community and customers across the world.

Rainbow Giveaway

Rainbow GiveawayOur hearts have been genuinely touched by the stories behind nominations for our weekly rainbow giveaways. So many folk are making such a difference to so many others by doing everything they can to make life just that bit easier. We may not be able to send everyone a rainbow, but we do send our heartfelt thanks to you all. The nominations give hope to us all that kindness and caring will see us all through this horrid disease with love and compassion. And rainbows.

Our Gallery

And, we will continue these weekly giveaways until our Gallery can once more open to visitors from near and far.  As yet, we have no idea when this may be. But we are starting to think how we can open safely. Of course, a lot of this will depend on local and national government guidance and regulations. But we are fortunate that our Gallery has accessible hand washing facilities for staff and customers and that the layout of the Gallery would make it possible to adhere to social distancing of 2 metres. We are already in discussion with Essence of Harris so that we can also make hand sanitizer available for staff and customers.

We may need to reconsider running workshops initially if it is not safe to do so, and access to our glass and embroidery studios. But these are all things that could be put into place without disrupting access to the Gallery. And seating for drinks and cake may only be permissible outside (Harris weather dependant, of course). These are all options that we will think about and be guided by compliance with regulations as they are issued.

Rest assured, our warm welcome will not be changed!

In the meantime, thank you all so much for your online orders, your likes, comments and shares on our Facebook page (and now Instagram too). We will look forward to seeing you back at the Gallery when it is safe to do so.

Warmest Wishes,
Kate & Doug